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18V 3.0Ah Power Tool Lithium-ion Battery Replacement

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18V 3.0Ah Power Tool Lithium-ion Battery Replacement
Main Features:
18V 3.0Ah Lithium-ion battery model for BL1830.
It is tested by CE and FCC. We use the high-quality cells which can enlarge the life of your battery.
Notice: Please store it in a clean, dry, cool place.

Replacement of battery code:
194205-3, 194309-1, BL1815, BL1830, LXT400

Compatible model:
Makita BDF453SHE, Makita BDF454Z, Makita BHP452
Makita BML184, Makita BML185
Makita BST221Z, Makita BTDW251Z, Makita ML185, Makita TD140D, Makita TW251D
Makita BCS550 Series:
BCS550, BCS550Z

Makita BDA350 Series:
BDA350, BDA350Z

Makita BDF451 Series:
BDF451, BDF451Z

Makita BFR550 Series:
BFR550L, BFR550Z

Makita BFR750 Series:
BFR750, BFR750L, BFR750Z

Makita BFS450 Series:
BFS450, BFS450RFE, BFS450Z

Makita BGA452 Series:
BGA452, BGA452Z

Makita BHP451 Series:
BHP451, BHP451SFE, BHP451Z

Makita BHP453 Series:

Makita BHP454 Series:
BHP454, BHP454Z

Makita BHR202 Series:
BHR202, BHR202RFE, BHR202Z

Makita BHR240 Series:
BHR240, BHR240Z

Makita BHR241 Series:
BHR241, BHR241Z

Makita BJR181 Series:
BJR181, BJR181X, BJR181X1,BJR181Z

Makita BJR182 Series:
BJR182, BJR182X, BJR182Z

Makita BJS130 Series:
BJS130, BJS130Z

Makita BJV180 Series:
BJV180, BJV180Z

Makita BPB180 Series:
BPB180, BPB180Z

Makita BSS501 Series:
BSS501, BSS501Z

Makita BSS610 Series:
BSS610, BSS610SFE, BSS610X2,BSS610Z

Makita BSS611 Series:
BSS611X, BSS611Z

Makita BTD140 Series:
BTD140, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z

Makita BTD141 Series:
BTD141, BTD141Z

Makita BTD144 Series:
BTD144, BTD144RFE, BTD144Z

Makita BTL061 Series:
BTL061, BTL061Z

Makita BTL063 Series:
BTL063, BTL063Z

Makita BTP140 Series:
BTP140, BTP140Z

Makita BTW251 Series:
BTW251, BTW251Z

Makita BTW253 Series:
BTW253, BTW253Z

Makita BTW450 Series:
BTW450, BTW450Z

Makita BDA350 Series:
BUB182, BUB182Z

Makita BVR350 Series:
BVR350, BVR350Z

Makita BVR450 Series:
BVR450, BVR450Z

Makita BVR850 Series:
BVR850, BVR850Z

Makita DF454 Series:
DF454D, DF454DRFX, DF454DZ

Makita HP454 Series:
HP454D, HP454DRFX, HP454DZ

Makita HR202 Series:

Makita JR120 Series:
JR120D, JR120DRF, JR120DZK

Makita ML184 Series:
ML184 (FlashLight), ML184

Makita MR100 Series:
MR100, MR100W

Makita PB108 Series:
PB108D, PB108DRFX, PB108DZ

Makita TD144 Series:

Makita TD251 Series:



Material: ABS Plastic
Type: Other small tool
Color: Black

Product Details

Special Functions: Battery Replacemnt
Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHs
Product weight: 0.5600 kg
Package weight: 0.6000 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 11.40 x 7.35 x 6.70 cm / 4.49 x 2.89 x 2.64 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 12.50 x 9.00 x 8.00 cm / 4.92 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x 3000mAh Battery, 1 x English Manual