qingyum is Asia's professional online  hardware &electric material sales platform, dedicated to the establishment of a global online wholesale store. qingyum in 2016, aims to trade with overseas consumers for business and customers. With the rapid development of China's e-commerce, qingyum in this area access to the quality, reliability and professional good reputation. Our operational capabilities include favorable policies, immediate and secure delivery, privacy protection and comprehensive customer support.


Our business


qingyum' mission is to provide you with the most popular  hardware &electric material in China. You can get almost all of your favorite content on this website. We sell a wide range of  hardware &electric material;. If you like to buy cheap specials through the fashionable online shopping, then use qingyum to buy thousands of super merchandise you are right. The The Interested.




We treat each customer as a lifelong customer and instill this idea with the staff to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied. We are constantly evolving to meet the relentless desire of computers and electronic enthusiasts around the world to use our hottest products, useful new features and reliable content to update our website. Moreover, with the rapid development of China's distribution center location, qingyum will quickly get your product. In fact, 98% of the orders are shipped the same day.




Here Cutomers are accustomed to first class service and the best values on the internet. That's because we are the expert who offers the freshest technology and is suitable for what is hot and what is not it. Our reputation, experience and keen industry insight enable us to negotiate online as low prices as possible. We store the products we need most and encourage our customers to recommend our products to complement our wide selection. If you have suggestions, please share with our team, please let us know. Customer feedback shapes our business so that we can better serve our audience, so your thoughts are always welcome.


We promise:


24/7 customer support on weekdays.

  • To provide our customers with low-priced Chinese wholesale price.
  • Simplify purchase and payment processes.
  • Quickly and accurately deliver goods to customers all over the world.
  • To ensure that our products of good quality.
  • To help you find products and manufacturers in China